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Friday, 10 28th

Green Entrepreneurship in Brussels

The GreenTech cluster can offer you different individual support services such as support with developing your Business Plan, your Financial Plan, assistance with conducting your Market Studies, advice on the different types of funding available, etc.

On this page, you will find information about the different steps involved in setting up a company in the Brussels-Capital Region...

Are you looking for an idea?

Are you looking to develop it?

Would you like to validate your Technology?

What legislative constraints apply? In what legal context am I going to develop in the environmental sector?

What is intellectual protection? Does your idea have to be protected? How? With whom?

Are you looking for a site in Brussels to set up your company?

What is a business plan?

Are there market studies in my sector?

What is a financial plan? What are my financial requirements? (in french or in Dutch only)

Where can I find the necessary financial resources?

Private limited company? Self-employed? Limited company ? What legal form should you choose for your business? (In French or in Dutch only)  

Are you lost in red tape? What formalities need to be completed? With whom do they need to be completed? How long is all of this going to take me? (In French or in Dutch only)

Would you like to undertake training in the environmental area?

Are you looking for a job or a new employee?

Would you like to expand your business overseas? Promote your technology offering?

 For further information

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