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Saturday, 05 28th

Find out about our Brussels-based projects via its Green Technologies and Sustainable Construction clusters is involved in various Brussels-based projects in the environment area. In this section, you will find a description of each of these projects.

logo20bse2010 2011 Brussels Sustainable Economy

The objective of the BSE project is to define, develop and implement a strategic development plan for economic industries in the environment area in the Brussels Region. The plan aims to create economic activity and employment in the Brussels region by revitalising environmental industries. This project is focusing on 6 sectors: eco-construction, renewable energy, green chemistry and white and green biotechnology, waste, water and sustainable food. Learn more...



AEEAlliance Emploi-Environnement (Employment-Environment Alliance)

The "Alliance Emploi-Environnement" is an initiative of the government of the Brussels-Capital Region. Its objective is to develop environmental industries by raising awareness and stimulating the different businesses active in these sectors. Its 3 current focus areas are: sustainable construction and renovation, water and waste. Learn more...

GREENBIZZ RGBBrussels GreenBizz

The Brussels GreenBizz project aims to set up an incubator for businesses in the sustainable energy and environmental economic sectors. This incubator,
which will serve as an infrastructure to welcome, host and support green project carriers, will include no fewer than 7,500 square metres of pre-incubation, incubation, prototyping and pre-production areas. Learn more...


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